Industrial processes

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We provide comprehensive advice and develop technology that is oriented to optimize processes.

Comprehensive advice on industrial processes

Industrial processes are a set of complex and constantly changing activities that are carried out to convert raw material into a final product. At CCTVal we offer comprehensive consulting services and personalized solutions, in order to optimize chemical, metallurgical and environmental processes. We have professionals in these areas who can offer sustainable and sustainable solutions according to your need and type of business.

Geotechnical Characterization of Tailings:

The final disposal of tailings today constitutes a constant problem for the mining industry. To deal with this, at CCTVal we have developed a complete characterization service that includes sampling, analysis and information management stages, considering an interface for online data processing.

Comprehensive Tailings Characterization Solution

Our tailings characterization service involves:

  • Plant sampling
  • Mineralogical analysis
  • Granulometric analysis
  • Sedimentation studies
  • Other studies depending on the needs of the client

All of the above allows establishing the geotechnical situation of the tailings and thereby guiding business decision-making.

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Why trust CCTVal?

We have a multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians from the areas of environment, metallurgy and chemistry; as well as the field of electronics, information technology, mechanics and telematics to respond comprehensively to each need.

We have laboratories equipped with the latest technology to carry out exhaustive operational analyzes and the implementation of customized solutions tailored to each challenge.

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