Design, Manufacturing and Simulation

We provide services of mechanical design, parts and prototypes manufacture.

Our capabilities:

Design and manufacture of parts for industry

Development and manufacture of parts (and spare parts) that require serial production, in order to provide the supply required by the industrial sector.

Design and manufacture of prototypes

Considering the costs and budgets in preliminary stages of development, we offer services based on 3D printing technology to manufacture prototypes.

Product development

Based on technical knowledge and the correct planning of development stages, we are able to establish objectives, tasks and deadlines for their correct execution.

Industrial mechanical design

We deliver solutions industry demands, manufacturing capacity and availability of materials.

Manufacturing service

We have the capacities and resources to provide the service of manufacturing parts, components and equipment defined through schematics and manufacturing plans delivered by our customers.

Precision metalworking

We offer high-precision machining services using CNC machining machines for the manufacture of highly complex parts.

Design optimization

Improve designs in response to upgrades required by our clients.

3D Modeling

Realization of design surveys from preconceived ideas, field surveys or drawing plans. Ability to generate high-quality renderings.

2D CAD drawing

The technical support of designs is fundamental for the protection of developments, which is why we offer the service of generating mechanical schematics regarding parts, components and the assembly and welding processes.

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