As an organization we are not only concerned with creating new knowledge but also with disseminating it, for this we have programs such as Physics in Action and we develop various dissemination activities aimed especially at high school students from all over Chile.

Physics in Action: from the laboratory to the classroom

Through the development of interactive workshops and experiments, we intend to enhance the curiosity and motivation for science of high school students in the country.


It is an international initiative that brings together 60 countries with the aim of teaching high school and university students about the particle physics of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). During a week of activities, attendees will be able to discover what the LHC and the ATLAS detector do and how they work. So too, they will face the challenge of reconstructing particles like the Higgs boson and learn about the smallest world of fundamental particle knowledge.

The Fermi Scale

The Fermi Scale is a scientific outreach initiative that, through a series of audiovisual capsules aimed at the general public, allows for a simple and brief understanding of the fundamentals of particle physics. In the company of the CCTVal researcher and USM academic, Dr. Alfonso Zerwekh, in a few minutes he finds answers to elementary questions about the Universe.

CMFT Congress

The Computational Methods and Function Theory (CMFT) conference held its first version in 1989 at the Federico Santa María Technical University. Since then, every four years this event brings together students, academics and researchers from around the world who work or have an interest in the areas of Mathematics, Computer Science, Informatics and related disciplines, promoting the creation of knowledge and strengthening international contact between scientists.

HEP Chile

The International Conference on High Energy Physics in Chile is an event that takes place every two years with the aim of reviewing the progress, processes and projections achieved in the areas of high energy particle physics and nuclear physics.

In each version of the HEP congress, theoretical and experimental scientists from the most prestigious international institutions meet to analyze and discuss the major issues in these fields, thus allowing the meeting of representatives from organizations such as CERN, Jefferson Lab, Fermilab , among other.