Applied memories

The Applied Memories Contest, promoted since 2017 by CCTVal, aims to finance degree projects for students at the Federico Santa María Technical University (USM) with potential application in the industry.

With the intention of contributing to the welfare of society and the growth of the country from the generation of applied research, innovation and technology, we promote the development of multidisciplinary projects in relevant areas such as Mining, Health, Industry 4.0, Energy, Advanced Manufacturing , among other.

How to apply?

The call and reception of information is permanently open during the academic year (March to December), and allows the application of title projects to be sponsored even when they are in their final stage.

For details on requirements, deadlines, financing and other provisions, download the contest rules here.

To apply for your report, download the corresponding form here.

Important: those who are selected must carry out their project in the CCTVal facilities, located in the city of Valparaíso.

Do you have more questions?

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