We contribute to the development of the country through the generation of science and technology, and the implementation of innovation projects

We carry out applied research, provide technical advice, evaluate innovation projects, scale processes; Along with this, we design, manufacture and validate our technological developments

We can help you in:

  • Technical Advice

  • Evaluation of Innovation Projects

  • Applied research

  • Technology Development

  • Design and Manufacturing of Parts and Products

  • Optimization of processes

  • Validation of Technological Solutions

  • Technology Licensing

Our services

Review services offered by CCTVal to companies and institutions in the following areas:

Design and Manufacturing


Industrial Processes

Digital Transformation


Innovation projects

The Valparaíso Scientific and Technological Center has a team of excellent researchers, engineers and technicians, and the productive capacity to create innovative technologies aimed at satisfying the diverse needs of national and international industry. Throughout our history we have developed more than 50 high-impact applied research projects in multiple areas.


High Energy Physics

Industry & ICTs




Scientific Dissemination

Because we understand that not only the production of knowledge and its application is important for society and the country, but also its dissemination and understanding, the CCTVal develops various scientific dissemination activities, such as the Physics in Action program, the Masterclass workshop: knowing the experiment ATLAS of the LHC, the educational capsules on particle physics “The Fermi Scale” and important international congresses such as HEP Chile and CMFT.

Applied Memories

Since 2017, through the Applied Reports Contest, we have financed degree projects for students at the Federico Santa María Technical University (USM) that have projection in relevant areas of the industry, such as Mining, Health, Industry 4.0, Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, among others. others.