CCTVal: strategic ally in R+D+i

The Centro Científico Tecnológico de Valparaíso promotes the creation of new knowledge in particle physics, electronics and computing, and the development of innovation and engineering projects applied to high technology. As an organization we intend to generate a positive impact on society and the industry. Along this path, we have the support of internationally renowned institutions such as CERN, Jefferson Lab and Nokia Bell Labs, which have placed their trust in us to contribute to scientific production and technology transfer with important initiatives.

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CCTVal's sustainable energy storage system seeks to make the energy transition a reality

26 - Enero - 2023

HEP 2023: International Conference on High Energy Physics ends its eighth version in Chile

23 - Enero - 2023

CCTVal researcher is a finalist for the Chile 2022 Woman Technologist Award

11 - Enero - 2023

Invest in innovation projects and access a tax reduction with the R+D Law

Did you know that Chilean companies that invest in research and development can apply for a reduction of more than 50% of the first category tax thanks to the R+D Law.

Scientific Outreach

Because we understand that not only the production of knowledge and its application is important for the growth of the country, but also its dissemination and understanding, the CCTVal develops various scientific dissemination activities. The experimental talks of the Physics in Action Program and the Masterclass workshops: getting to know the LHC ATLAS experiment, aimed mainly at high school students, are some of these initiatives.

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Manufactured Learning Prototypes

International alliances

Applied research projects developed in collaboration with the most important scientific and technological organizations in Europe and the United States validate our performance in the international arena.