Development areas CCTVal

At CCTVal we have various consulting and innovation departments, made up of multidisciplinary teams of engineers and technicians, who work collaboratively to meet the various technology research and development requests from companies and institutions.

Digital Transformation

We develop various technological solutions that involve equipment sensorization, big data, video analytics, system digitization, operational monitoring, and software development using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques.

Industrial processes

We provide advice, and we design, develop and implement technologies aimed at optimizing production processes in different types of industries, such as mining, energy, biotechnology, polymers, plastic materials, cellulose, petrochemicals. For this we have a team of chemical, environmental and technical engineers, as well as a complete laboratory for the development of various projects.

Design, Manufacturing and Simulation

At CCTVal we have an area dedicated to mechanical design work and the manufacture of parts, mechanical structures and prototypes for scientific, technological and industrial projects. For this we have a qualified team of mechanical engineers, industrial and technical designers, in addition to the necessary equipment for the development of various types of work.

Photolithography Laboratory

We design components to manufacture lab-on-a-chip devices for the study of cell behavior, the development of biodetection systems, the synthesis of nanoparticles and the generation of microbioreactors for the physical stimulation of cell cultures. Fabricated microfluidic devices enable the analysis and development of models and base components for industrial scaling under unique microscopic conditions.

Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) microfluidic systems are positioned as powerful technological alternatives that will allow the creation of analytical biosensor devices for the determination of toxic substances and pathogens, the study of cellular interactions in tissue engineering, the validation of innocuousness food and the study of pharmacological processes, among others, which will be essential biotechnological tools in production processes, design of therapies and research of harmful agents.

Electronics Laboratory

Design and assembly of high level electronic devices.

Laboratorio de Criogenia

Equipado para el desarrollo de una amplia gama de experimentos criogénicos de ingeniería, física, medicina a muy bajas temperatura. Nuestros ingenieros y técnicos de CCTVal están capacitados y preparados para:
  • Diseñar, fabricar e implementar dispositivos criogénicos (criostatos, intercambiadores de calor, portamuestras, aplicaciones de enfriamiento, microfluidos).
  • Diseñar hardware y soportes estructurales.
  • Calcular y manipular tecnología de vacío.
  • Diseñar y fabricar piezas mecánicas.
  • Usar herramientas computacionales como modelado CAD y CFD.
Nuestras avanzadas instalaciones cumplen con altos estándares de seguridad y tienen una gran capacidad para manejar, manipular y configurar hardware experimentales para la investigación criogénica. Nuestra experiencia en física experimental de partículas:
  • Diseño y simulaciones de condensación y congelamiento de gases de amoniaco.
  • Diseño y manufactura de sistemas de enfriamiento por “cold finger” en vacío.
  • Diseño, mejora y simulaciones de refrigerador criogénico por evaporación de 1 Kelvin para física experimental.
  • Cálculos de seguridad y diseño térmico en equipos criogénicos.

CCTVal equipment and infrastructure

At CCTVal we also have first class infrastructure and equipment for the design and implementation of various projects.

HPC Data Center

High Performance Computer cataloged by the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) as Tier 2, one of the three that exist in Latin America. It provides network infrastructure, storage and data analysis. The CCTVal Data Center offers researchers from the USM and other universities the possibility of processing high-performance computing (HPC) jobs, including parallel computing.

Cluster Source

Unique equipment in the country for the manufacture of nanoparticles of various metallic materials, through a fast and effective method of condensation with inert gases. It has the capacity to specify the size of nanoparticles from a few atoms to 30 nanometers, adapting to the needs of each project.


The CCTVal has among its equipment the Datron M8 CNC milling machine, intended for the design, prototyping and manufacture of mechanical and electronic parts (due to its high precision), which allows the manufacture of highly complex parts from non-ferrous materials. .

Among its main features is the ultra-fast machining of aluminum and plastics, complex 3D milling with small tools and precise engraving on any surface, which allows us to have high-precision machining design capabilities.

In addition, this equipment has 5 axes of rotation which enable the manufacture of more complex parts due to the orientation and positions that the tool can reach.

The described services are complemented by two Roland desktop prototyping CNCs (intended for the production of small parts and printed circuit boards) and a Vision Hawk 5000 measurement equipment (with vision technology, one micrometer resolution and DEV – Detection of Edges for Vision – built-in).